Please note before you commission me you must read ALL my terms of service, thank you!

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms; if you don't, please do not commission me to avoid unneeded stress to both parties. Terms are subject to change over time however I see fit.
Any question, feel absolutely free to ask!

Terms of Service

  1. Currently, I'm only taking payments via Paypal, ATH Móvil and in USD ($) only

  2. I'll request full payment before the start of the commission. I will not start until the payment is received.

  3. Payment will be done by Paypal invoices only. Do not send the money without using the invoice.

  4. Local Puerto Ricans or clients that have the accessibility of ATH Móvil also have this payment option. 


Visual references are highly recommended over text descriptions! Please be clear with descriptions, and give me any other details that will help me portray what you want me to draw, including personality traits, reference images and background info if necessary.

I will not usually give out WIPs before I finish since it slows my workflow (however, you're free to ask for them at any given time). I only recommend this for more complex commissions, if it applies.


  • Original Characters

  • Couples (any orientation)

  • Fanart (Sailor Moon, BnH, Naruto, etc)

  • Real people (photo references required)

  • Game Avatars (Gaia, Imvu, Terra, etc.)

  • Custom designs for characters, clothes, prints, etc (additional fees may apply).

  • Any gender, preferably feminine.

  • Human/Anthro/Furries, most species.

  • Light/Tasteful NSFW and Erotica. 

  • Animals, flowers, objects, weapons, etc (additional fees may apply).

These aren't specifically my forte, but I'm willing to do them regardless. ​

  • Groups (more than 3 characters)

  • Armor (light armor is fine)

  • Extremely detailed backgrounds (additional fees may apply).

  • Facial hair

  • Older/Senior characters

  • Mechas

  • Armor (light armor is OK, armor a la Berserk is a definitive no).

  • Heavy Gore

  • Extreme proportions (muscles a la Dragon Ball, hyper breasts/butt/etc)

  • Inmmoral themes such as rape, pedophilia, racism, homophobia, etc.

  • Anything I'm not comfortable with, inquire if you have questions.

  • Some fetishes, feel free to inquire.





  1. I'll make only one big revision (as in, completely redoing the sketch) and up to 3 minor revisions in the sketch phase. Once the image is finished, I'll do up to 2 very minor revisions.

  2. If you want to make any more revisions after said limit, I'll charge an extra fee for each of them depending on the complexity.

  3. If there's a non subjective mistake that was my own fault (for example: missing a detail from the design), I'll fix it and they won't count towards the revision limit. If the mistake was made because the information you gave me wasn't clear enough, it'll count towards the limit as any other change.

  4. I have the right to refuse or charge an extra fee if you'd like to make any changes to the finished image after you previously approved it. 

    (I delete my psd files, so changes may not be possible or may include a lot more work in such situations).

  1. You're purchasing a digital file only, no goods will be shipped.

  2. The commissioner is allowed to use the artwork in any non-commercial way they want. This includes:

    1. Posting it somewhere else as long as it's non-commercial and I'm credited as the artist.

    2. Use as signature/avatar/banner on your personal, non profit (directly or indirectly) accounts. In this case, credit is appreciated but not needed.

    3. Print it in any kind of merchandising for your personal use only.

  3. I retain the copyright of the artwork. This means you're not allowed to modify, copy, trace, use as base, or any other way of stealing.

  4. I will not sell your commission as prints unless you explicitly tell me you're okay with it. I retain the right to post the finished artwork as well as any WIPs in any websites; use it to promote my commissions or myself; and to use any files related to the commission (high resolution, psd file, etc) in personal profit based websites such as Patreon or Gumroad and personal commercial artbooks.


    If you're not happy with any of the terms in the previous point, you can request me to waive them by notifying me at the beginning of the commission and adding the following fees to the final commission price:


    1. Anonymity - free: I'll post and use the commission as any other, I just won't write your name as the commissioner so you can remain anonymous.

    2. Limited posting - free: You can request the image of the commission I'll be posting online to be a cropped version of the finished commission or to include a bigger watermark.  I'll still be able to use the full unwatermarked image and files in profit based websites or artbooks unless you apply the Non-commercial fee (see below).

    3. Non-commercial fee - 15%: I'll not use your commission in any profit based websites (patreon, gumroad, etc) nor artbooks, but I'll still retain the right to post it online.

    4. Privacy fee - 30%: I'll not show/use your commission anywhere, digitally or physically.

    5. Once the finished commission was sent and approved, I'm not held responsible if it's deleted from my websites and you didn't have a copy saved or lost it. Download, save and secure a copy for yourself as soon as I send it to you.

    6. I have the right to reuse unapproved sketches and compositions for other personal art, commissions, etc. (Note: this only applies to sketches and compositions that were asked to redraw in fully, not used in the finished commission or if you cancelled your commission before payment/never paid. I wouldn't be using your character that appears in the sketch, only the pose and composition)


Depending on the complexity of your commission, the usual turnaround time is between 1 week - 1 month. If there's a deadline, please let me know before hand so I can determine whether I can take your commission in or not; we can always work it out!

Turnaround Time

  1. You are allowed to cancel the commission at any time before payment.

  2. Once the payment was made, I will not do refunds under any circumstances you come up with. If I have any problems that make me unable to finish your commission within a 3 months time frame after payment was made (very unlikely, never happened yet), I'll offer a full refund, but you're not allowed to ask for them. The 3-months refund does not apply in the case the slow progress is because of the client's stagnant communication.

  3. I will only offer refunds if any of these circumstances occur:

    1. Full Refund if I have not started your commission due to personal circumstances.

    2. Partial Refund if I'm unable to complete the commission due to personal circumstances.

  4. After the commission is finished, there won't be any type of refunds available.

Refund Policy

  1. I have the right to decline a commission.

  2. Orders are non-refundable once I start drawing.

  3. Have an open mind to my artistic interpretation when commissioning as I will be adapting to your request to my style.

  4. If you're looking to commission artwork to use for your business or commercial purposes, regular rates don't apply; be sure to e-mail for rates on commercial commissions.