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Terms of Service

Please note before you commission me you must read ALL my terms of service, thank you!

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms; if you don't, please do not commission me to avoid unneeded stress to both parties. Terms are subject to change over time however I see fit. Any question, feel absolutely free to ask!

Payment and Pricing

All prices shown are in USD ($), and refer to an illustration of a single character. Couple and group illustrations include additional charges and fees as per mentioned in the Commission Page. The prices stipulated on the Artist's Commission Page are a baseline and can fluctuate above the listed price based on the complexity of the request. 

  1. All payments will be done through Paypal, ATH Móvil and in USD ($) only

  2. Payment will be done by Paypal invoices ONLY. Do not send the money without using the invoice. This measure is to protect both client and artist. 

  3. The Commission must be paid in full and upfront, and within 48hrs of the order being placed. Failure to provide payment will result in result in the cancellation of the service. 

  4. Payment plans are offered for returning customers and Commissions that exceed a certain amount. 


Visual references are necessary! If the Artist is to work from description only there will be an additional charge as it falls under "Character Design". The Client must be clear with descriptions, and give any other details that will help portray what they want drawn, including personality traits, reference images and background information if necessary.

If the Client would like to send many references of the character(s), the Artist recommends putting them together in a Google Doc, Dropbox Folder or Imgur Page for ease of access, rather than linking each image individually. 

  • Human/Humanoids, Gijinkas, Kemonomimis, Anthro, Furries, etc. (If unsure of your request, feel free to inquire!)

  • Original Characters, Fan-Characters and Fanart.

  • Couples and Groups

  • Real people (will be stylized, photo references are required)

  • Game Avatars (Gaia, Imvu, Terra, FFXIV, etc.)

  • Custom designs for characters, clothes, prints, etc. (additional charges and fees will apply)

  • Any contexture, gender, orientations, body types are allowed.

  • NSFW, Erotica,and suggestive themes of characters over 18. 

  • Animals, flowers, objects, weapons, etc. (additional charges and fees will apply).

I draw most of everything, you can look at my portfolio and commission samples for reference. However, if what you're looking for isn't presented, feel free to inquire!


These aren't specifically my forte, but they will be evaluated per request.

  • Armor (light armor is fine)

  • Some Gore

  • Extremely detailed backgrounds (additional charges and fees will apply).

  • Older/Senior characters

  • Mechas and Robots


  • Heavy/Extreme Gore

  • Immoral or offensive themes such as rape, pedophilia, racism, homophobia, etc.

  • Anything I'm not comfortable with, inquire if you have questions.

  • Some fetishes, feel free to inquire.


Adoptables and Custom Designs

  1. When purchasing an Adoptable or Custom Design commission, the Client is agreeing to a partial transfer of rights. This partial transfer of rights is for the Artist's and the Client's personal use.

  2. The Artist retains copyright of the initial artwork and design to use on their websites, Portfolio, etc. unless discussed otherwise (the Artist will however, never take credit for the Client's characters, only the original design and artworks that they created). The Artist may also choose to add the designs in future artbooks or for promotional usage, unless they are waived by either the Non-Commercial or Privacy fees listed below.

  3. The Client is allowed to use the design in stories, concepts, redraw them, get commissions of them, print the artwork, use/repost it on their social media, etc. as long as it is for personal use only.

  4. If the Client intends to use the design for Commercial Use (games, stories, videos, mascots, merch, Twitch or other mass media consumption for profit, directly or indirectly) - the Client MUST disclose this when purchasing as transfer of rights must be made and Commercial Fee will be applied.

  5. The Client is allowed to change the characters backstory (if applicable), gender, outfit, and small details, however, the initial design should remain generally the same. Mixing and matching designs is prohibited.

  6. The Client is allowed to resell or trade the design for equal or lesser value as long as the Artist is informed and the person receiving the design agrees to their terms. If the Client desires, the Artist is more than happy to help rehome any designs.

  7. Designs may be purchased as gifts or be co-owned as long as all parties agree to the Artist's terms.

  1. Unless full artistic freedom is given, the Client will be provided with a sketch of their Commission before proceeding any further with the artwork. The sketch is just a rough guideline for the Artist to base their lineart on: as they line it, they will adjust, refine shapes and add more details.

  2. Changes can be asked for during the sketch phase ONLY. One big revision (i.e. in redoing the sketch, modifying the pose), and up to 2 minor revisions in the sketch phase will be allowed. 

  3. The Artist will line the artwork after the sketch has been approved by the Client. The Client will receive a preview of the lineart as well, to make sure that no character details got lost in the process. At this stage, the Client may only request that the Artist correct and/or add details that they may have drawn wrong, or forgot to include. In other words, you can not request changes here, only corrections.

  4. Any other revisions after the limit, shall constitute additional charges or fees as deemed necessary by the Artist. 

  5. If there is a non subjective mistake that was the Artist's fault (i.e. missing a detail from the design), it will be fixed and they will not count towards the revision limit. If the mistake was made because the information the Client gave was not clear enough, it will  count towards the limit as any other change.

  6. Once the artwork has been colored and finalized, the only edit the Client may request are color adjustments and corrections. The Artist will not provide any other corrections or edits to "fix" flaws that are discovered after the two opportunities that are offered to revise the artwork's accuracy. 


Usage Policy

  1. The Client is purchasing a digital file only, no goods will be shipped.

  2. The Client is allowed to use the artwork in any non-commercial way they want. This includes:

    1. Posting it somewhere else as long as it is non-commercial and the Artist is credited.

    2. Use as signature/avatar/banner on your personal or non profit (directly or indirectly) accounts. In this case, credit is appreciated but not needed.

    3. Print it in any kind of merchandising for your personal use only.

  3. The Artist retains the copyright of the artwork. This means you're not allowed to modify, copy, trace, use as base, or any other way of stealing.

  4. The Artist will not sell your commission as prints unless the Client explicitly expresses they are okay with it. The Artist retains the right to post the finished artwork as well as any WIPs in any websites; use it to promote their commissions or themselves; and to use any files related to the commission (high resolution, .PSD files, etc.) in personal profit based websites such as Patreon or Gumroad and personal commercial artbooks.


    If you're not happy with any of the terms in the previous point, the Client can request the Artist to waive them by notifying at the beginning of the Commission Order. Consequentially, the following fees will be added to the order's final price:


    1. Anonymity - FREE: The Artist will post and use the commission as any other, they just won't write your name as the Client so they can remain anonymous.

    2. Limited Posting - FREE: The Client can request the image of the commission the Artist be posting online to be a cropped version of the finished commission or to include a bigger watermark.  The Artist is still be able to use the full unwatermarked image and files in profit based websites or artbooks unless you apply the Non-Commercial Fee (see below).

    3. Non-Commercial Fee - 75%: The Artist will not use the Client's commission in any profit based websites (Patreon, Gumroad, etc.) nor artbooks, however, the Artist still retains the right to post it online.

    4. Privacy Fee - 100%: The Artist will not show/use the Client's commission anywhere, digitally or physically.

    5. Once the finished commission was sent and approved, the Artist is not held responsible if it is deleted from their websites and the Client did not save a copy or lost it. Download, save and secure a copy as soon as the Artist sends it to you.

    6. The Artist has the right to reuse unapproved sketches and compositions for other personal art, commissions, etc. (NOTE: this only applies to sketches and compositions that were asked to redraw in fully, not used in the finished commission or if the Client cancelled the commission before payment/never paid. The Artist wouldn't be using your character that appears in the sketch, only the pose and composition).

Turnaround Time

The average turnaround time for a single artwork ranges from two (2) weeks to three (3) months. The Client's place in the queue is determined by a FCFS (first come, first served) basis. If there is a deadline, please notify the Artist before hand so they can determine whether they can take your Commission in or not. If the Client desires their Commission to be done by an expected date, or to be moved to the top of the queue, a Rush Fee will be charged per the Artist's evaluation of the request. Any delays regarding my commission process will ALWAYS be notified.

Please respect the Artist's time and work, as they try their best to reply within a day to their emails and WIPs they send. Should the Client repeatedly take more than two work days to respond, the Artist may have to let another client take priority in order to complete the rest of the Commission Queue in a timely fashion.


If the Artist is given a hard deadline for a Commission, they will be expecting prompt replies. The Artist will not be held liable for late or unsatisfactory work if any messages they send go for more than 24 hours without a response.

Refund Policy

  1. The Artist has the right to cancel and refund the Client's commissions at any given time.

  2. The Client is allowed to cancel the Commission at any time before payment.

  3. Once the payment was made, the Artist will not do refunds under any circumstances. If the Artist has any problems that make them unable to finish the Commission within a 2 months time frame after payment was made, they will offer a full refund. The 2 month refund does not apply in the case the slow progress is because of the Client's stagnant communication.

  4. The artist will ONLY offer refunds if any of these circumstances occur:

    1. Full Refund if I have not started your commission due to personal circumstances.

    2. Partial Refund if it's beyond the Lineart phase, and I'm unable to complete the commission due to personal circumstances.

  5. The Client agrees to refrain from doing chargebacks of any kind, during or after the commission has been finished and delivered.​

    1. Filing a chargeback against the artist through Paypal, will take away your rights from any artwork done in the past, or during the current commission process. You will be black listed, and won't be able to purchase anything from the Artist in the future let it be commissions, adoptables, custom designs, etc.

  6. After the commission is finished, refunds are ineligible.


  1. The Artist has the right to decline a commission.

  2. Orders are non-refundable once the Artist has started working on them.

  3. The Client must have an open mind to the Artist's artistic interpretation when commissioning as they will be adapting your request to their style.

  4. If the Client is looking to Commission Artwork to use for their business or Commercial purposes, regular rates don't apply; be sure to e-mail for rates on Commercial Commissions or visit the Commercial Work page.

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The Artist will always notify through their social media if the T.O.S. are changed or updated.

Please make sure to always re-read them when ordering a commission.

Last updated on July 27th, 2022.

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